Remembering Summer Rain

Here in Massachusetts it’s been a dry summer with very little rain. The most we have had in many weeks is a few bursts of heavy downpours lasting a minute or so, measuring barely an eighth of an inch.  For some reason, the lack of rain made me remember the fun all of us girls in the neighborhood had after a summer rain storm.

Summer Rain

Light summer rain shower,
Refreshing the warm day.
Rivulets flowing along the street,
Carrying the dirt for little girls’ play.

Young legs with feet bare,
Splashing in rain pools.
Kicking up mud and dirt,
Merriment has no rules.

The clouds reveal the sun’s rays,
Perfect heat forms for some baking.
Little hands grab a mound of mud,
Time for decorative dessert making.

Roll and flatten the brown cookies,
Form the cake in perfect rounds.
Top with crushed sparkling rocks,
Earthen delights not adding pounds.

Positioned just right for perfect cooking,
The sun full strength bakes the delights.
Patience grows thing while waiting,
Time for good old fashioned mud fights.

Handfuls of dirt, mud and water,
Flying furiously to hit one another.
Laughing and squealing with each hit,
Having so much fun with each other.

Entire body smothered in mud,
Not a clean spot can be seen.
Mother will frown and shake her head,
How am I ever going to get you clean?