Roadside America and Beyond Video

Tonight I wanted to checkout a friend’s website. I did a search and something I had forgotten about came up. About seven years ago the South Shore Camera Club, which my friend and I belonged to, had a “Fall Foliage Road Trip” to Vermont. Four of us made the trek to northern Vermont for the long weekend. For the next several days we roamed around and about the area and stopped frequently to photograph various places and sights thanks in part to Roadside America.

The camera club put the call out for member videos of the road trip. My friend and I decided to combine our photographs into one video. I had no idea that it was out on YouTube. Here is the “forgotten” video of Susan and Peggie’s Road Side America and Beyond! Thanks to Susan for putting it together with our photographs and the music.

Double Rainbow

After spending the afternoon with my cousin I was heading home. It was spitting rain, just enough to use intermittent wipers on low. As I passed by a group of trees on my left, this beautiful double rainbow appeared. It’s such a rarity to see one, so I pulled over and snapped this photo.

Most rainbows don’t last too long, but this one seemed to linger for a while. What is curious is that it wasn’t raining, just a few drops here and there. A mile or so down the road, I made a right turn. The rainbow was now behind me. After a mile or so I was able to pull over again and took this shot. What a gift from Mother Nature!


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Zakim Bridge, Boston

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