RV Living in Vermont

RV Living RV Trailer VermontA friend was kind enough to invite two of us to join her for a girls’ weekend at the RV Trailer her husband and her own in central Vermont. It was the first time staying in a trailer for the two of us. This photo shows the “line up” of the RV’s. What’s nice is that the RV’s are staggered so each one has a lovely view.  Plus, there is plenty of space in-between to park the car, and each trailer has a picnic table. The RV’s all open to the side where the table is located, so there is a feeling of privacy.

Cilley Bridge, Vermont Bridge, Cilley covered bridge, Vermont covered bridges
Cilley Bridge

We spent an entire day finding and photographing the numerous covered bridges that populate this area of Vermont.  The residents in the area are very proud of their bridges and stopped to let us know where there were more. The Cilley Bridge dates to 1883.

Mill Bridge, Vermont Mill Bridge, Vermont covered bridges
Mill Bridge


The Mill Bridge also dates to 1883.  It’s located just off a main road of little town center.




Mill Bridge Sign
Mill Bridge Sign

It has a great sign at each end of the bridge. One has to wonder when the last time the fine was applied to a driver.  Although, some of the drivers going through the bridge should have been fined.



Vermont sunrise, misty sunrise, Vermont mist, Vermont fog
Misty Sunrise in Vermont

We loved every minute of our time in the RV and the gorgeous beauty of central Vermont.  Early in the morning on the day we were leaving Mother Nature presented us with a stunning misty sunrise.  We sure do hope we are invited back for another “girls weekend”!

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